Amber Portwood Speaks Out on Matt Baier Abuse Allegations

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Earlier this week, we reported on allegations that Amber Porwood abused Matt Baier several times throughout their relationship.

The allegations came from none other than Baier himself, who shared photos of his battered and bloodied face with an unidentified friend and claimed that Portwood was responsible.

After the pics unexpectedly went public, Baier claimed that they were several years old and taken during a previous relationship.

Matt Baier Abuse Photo

Unfortunately for him, Teen Mom sleuths were already on the case, and details like Matt's glasses and the poster in the background tipped them off that these pics were taken no more than a year ago.

Yesterday, Baier spoke out on the allegations, claiming that the accusations against Amber are the result of a vast media conspiracy.

We assume he's since been offered a job in the Trump White House:

"The rumor that's circulating is both vicious and completely false," Baier said.

"I can't stand by and allow the media or anyone else to undermine the progress that Amber has made in turning her life around, or the relationship we've worked hard to build together."

Matt Baier and Amber Picture

Baier went on to change his story and admit that the pics are recent, but now he now claims they're the result of "roughhousing" with friends.

Last night, Amber spoke about the allegations for the first time, and she's also accusing fans and the press of undermining the progress that she's made by suggesting she beat the hell out of her fiance:

"Five years ago I made the decision to choose prison over rehab in order to fully turn my life around," Portwood said in a statement issued to E! News.

"Since then I've worked hard to make serious changes for myself, for my daughter, and for all the fans who supported me."

Amber Portwood and Matt Baier Photo

Amber added:

"I'm saddened by the latest rumors, which are both untrue and unfounded, but plan to continue to stay focused on my recovery and being the best person I can be for everyone in my life.

"In spite of everything I am truly blessed and will keep going on the positive path I set forth on."

The statement assumes that just because someone is generally on an upward trajectory, they won't occasionally backslide.

Portwood has a history of violence and abuse, so when people see photos of her significant other looking bruised and battered, they're going to suspect she had something to do with it.

And vague platitudes about self-improvement probably won't be enough to convince anyone of Amber's innocence.

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