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Have you been watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians Season 13?

If not, you’re most definitely not alone.

The show has been pulling in paltry ratings in its first two weeks back, scoring a dismal .70 for its heavily-hyped season premiere.

KUWTK Poster
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It’s a clear sign that Kard clan fatigue is beginning to take hold in a major way.

Rumors of Keeping Up With the Kardashians getting canceled seem to surface every few months, but this time, there are numbers to back up those claims.

Kim and company are said to be somewhat indifferent about the show’s plummeting ratings.

After all, they’re countless other revenue streams, and at this point, it’s not like they’re relying on a low-rated reality show for fame.

But there’s at least one member of the famous family who recognizes the importance of their ongoing partnership with the E! network:

Kris Jenner at Charity Event
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Sources say Kris Jenner is determined to save the show from cancelation, and she’s enlisted her daughters for an all-hands-on-deck multimedia blitz. 

"Kris is in a panic," a source close to the family tells Radar Online.

"Everyone has been ordered to step up their game on social media," the source told Radar.

"That means all of her kids, all of their friends, everyone who is involved in the show has to do more"

"Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall and Kylie have been told to make sure that they’re pushing the show and that they’re doing things to get attention on Twitter and Instagram and Snapchat," the source said.

"She has told them they have to do them to do that."

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This week’s numbers aren’t in yet, but in all likelihood, the show experienced a slight rebound thanks to the show focusing on Kim being robbed at gunpoint.

Hey, a morose ratings bump is better than no ratings bump at all, right?

"Kris was really hopeful that Kim’s Paris robbery would bring in the ratings for the show," says the source.

Ironically, the main reason that Kim hasn’t been on social media as much in recent months is that she was traumatized by the attack and believes that her social media posts prompted the robbery.

Kim Kardashian Talks
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Now, she’s being asked to not only resume her old promotional duties, but to step up her efforts:

"Kris blasted everyone and told them all that they have to do things that their fans like. Interact with them, but do fun things so that people will watch them on social media and then they’ll tune into the show," the insider says.

"It was an order."

Well, we all know how seriously the girls take an order from Kris Jenner.

We’ve been watching Kim and her sisters ignore those orders for 13 seasons now.