Bonner Bolton: Very Likely Boning Sharna Burgess!

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Bonner Bolton and Sharna Burgess may not have scored especially high with the judges on Monday night's Dancing with the Stars premiere.

But they are almost definitely scoring with each other.

In the bedroom. Via sexual intercourse.

Bonner Bolton with Sharna Burgess

Rumors of a romantic relationship between the Dancing with the Stars partners made the rounds of the Internet nearly as soon as this week's opening episode concluded.

For one thing, the chemistry between the bull rider and the professional dancer was apparent to anyone that tuned in.

It was even a topic of discussion for both Bolton and Burgess when speaking to reporters after completion of their Cha Cha.

“I was telling her before we started tonight, ‘I can’t look at you for too long. I might get distracted," Bolton said, explaining:

"That’s why I might miss some of my steps. She’s obviously beautiful.”

For her part, Burgess acknowledged there was "really obvious chemistry" between the stars, but said she was trying to keep things "professional."

Then, of course, there was CrotchGrabGate.

Sharna Burgess, Bonner Bolton

A backstage camera captured Bolton running his hand over a certain private part on Monday, only for Burgess to gently place Bonner's fingers elsewhere.

You can very clearly see the interaction above.

Did Bolton accidentally touch his partner in her most sacred region? Maybe.

Or did he sort of forget there was a television camera around and simply caress his lover as if they were hanging out in the living room together? That's our theory.

And the fact that Bolton and Burgess were spotted out on Tuesday evening at the Cowboy Palace Saloon in Chatsworth, California only backs up this belief.

According to Entertainment Tonight and photos snapped by Splash News, the rumored couple was in good spirits, taking to the dance floor to show off Bolton's newly-perfected skills.

Sharna Burgess and Bonner Bolton Photo

Moreover, Burgess was full of smiles when the 29-year-old athlete whispered in her ear as they waltzed around the country western establishment.

An onlooker says Bolton wrapped his arms around his Australian dancing partner at one point, prompting Burgess to hold in to Bolton's hand in response.

She didn't move it away at all this time around!

Neither Sharna nor Bonner has confirmed that he or she has seen the other one naked, but the former did defend the latter against accusations that he purposely accosted her in the above video.

"Anyone who has the ridiculous idea that it was straight up stupid," Burgess Tweeted in reply to the hullabaloo surrounding Bolton's hand movements.

She added:

"It was innocent. @bonner_bolton's a true southern gentleman & was so embarrassed that it even happened let alone got caught on camera for gossips to gawk at."

For the record, we do believe the grab was intentional.

But in a sweet way.

In a way that reveals what the stars really might as well come out and say at this point:

They are totally getting it on!

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