The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 7 Episode 11 Recap: Kyle Richards Flips Out

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The arrival of Eden Sassoon has injected some new drama into The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. 

However, can she please shut up about Kim Richards? Regardless of whether Kyle Richards serves as her enabler, it's none of her business.

As The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 7 Episode 11 got underway, Eden was not ready to be iced out by her new friend circle, so she turned to Lisa Vanderpump to air her feelings on the matter. 

Lisa was not impressed because she did not understand where the obsession was coming from, but Eden shocked her by revealing that she thought Kim was actually sober. 

The person who planted the seed of doubt in her mind was apparently Lisa Rinna.

Apparently, Rinna dropped the bomb on Eden while the pair were shopping. She said that Kim was not sober and was near death. 

L to the VP

That's a hurtful thing to say, but somehow, Eden has a knack for causing drama, so it's difficult to believe a word that comes out of her mouth.

LVP, however, seemed to believe what Eden was saying and agreed to pass the details on to Kyle. 

While all of this was going on, Lisa was at Kyle's boutique, trying to get Kyle to give Eden a chance at having a friendship with her. 

Rinna's main argument was that Kyle's bond with Kim reminded Eden of the one she shared with her own sister. 

"I think she can be annoying as f--k, though," Kyle said. Yes, we're right there with you, Kyle. 

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After that, Rinna disappeared to New York to support her daughter who was part of Fashion Week. In her travels, she met up with Camille Grammer. 

The pair bonded and it seemed like there was a very real possibility they could become good friends again.

Will this lead to Camille being an official cast member again?

Anyway, Camille told Rinna to ditch the situation with Eden because it will wind up causing even more drama. Rinna agreed. 

Camille Grammer on a Red Carpet

With Rinna agreeing to put all of the drama aside, LVP turned to Kyle to land Rinna in big trouble. 

"Rinna has said that she doesn't believe that your sister is sober and that she is near death," Vanderpump said.

"What?" Kyle shouted, but clearly shocked. 

Kyle was absolutely livid that Rinna would speak like that about her and rehashed the conversation they had earlier in the episode about them trying to move past all of the drama. 

WOW Indeed Kyle

"This last year and a half has been really hard for my sister, and she's on a really good path and has a lot of exciting things in her life," Kyle said. "Lisa Rinna needs to sew her f--king lips shut."

Vanderpump added, "You'd need a lot of thread."

When everyone gathered for dinner, Kyle revealed that Lisa R was the true culprit and the others agreed, but where was she?

The next morning, Rinna walked in, not knowing she was about to be put on blast. 

"I'm really sorry I'm not greeting you better, but we're really having the perfect moment right now," Kyle snapped. 


Was that the best cliffhanger of the series? 

Hit the comments with your thoughts on the drama. 

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