Love & Hip Season 7 Episode 16 Recap: The Fight

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Did Yandy manage to find some common ground with all of the baby mamas?

That seemed to be part of her agenda on Love & Hip Hop Season 7 Episode 16, but did the women let her become friends with them?

When the episode got underway, we picked up with all of the women being removed from the stage in the wake of their big argument. 

If you watch Love & Hip Hop online, this probably came as no surprise. They've been at odds all season long, and the tension was ready to explode. 

Nina tried to get some of the truth out of Yandy while the other women were off the stage.

Nina asks Yandy “What’s going through your head right now?” Yandy says “I”m just sad because the kids don’t get to see each other.”

Yandy Smith Looking Good

Her claims not sit well with Ericka and Samantha who thought she was putting on a show for the cameras. Nina then asked about the drama at the birthday party. 

“Did you know that Kimbella was going to show up and create a disturbance?” Yandy says “No. I didn’t.”

Things took a tense turn when Nina played an audio clip that seemingly confirmed Yandy did know she was going to cause some trouble. 

It also seemed to confirm that Yandy sent her there to give her an excuse for not going. Haven't any of these ladies ever heard that honesty is the best policy?

With the other women now gunning for Yandy more than ever, Nina had a stern response for all of them. 

“I hope that you guys can work things out for the children.”

That's Erica's Song!

The next big topic surrounded the drama between Bianca, Sky, and Drewski. Nina was not impressed with the way Bianca was trying to pursue Drewski. 

“Do you think it is appropriate to play with a relationship?” Bianca responds “I am a petty person, so it doesn’t matter to me.”

It was an honest response, but it proved that Bianca is not the type of woman who should be left around your man. 

Sky admitted that she felt like they both led each other on and did not put the blame on either. Bianca started another argument but was stopped in her tracks by Sky. 

“I heard that you get passed around.”

It was a blunt way to put it, but the audience seemed to agree with the statement. 

When we last left off with the couple, Sky was furious that Drewski had told her to change her number if he gave her the fancy car. 

We got confirmation their relationship was still a thing with Drewski popping down on one knee and proposing. 

“I know you’re a down woman and after all, we have been through I just wanted to know if we could make it official?” Sky is shocked, surprised and happy and she says “Yes!”

Bianca let out a fake smile, but there was no way she was happy for them. 

Later, Julez was quizzed about the way Kimbella acted whenever he was in the studio this season.

“You’ll have to ask her. She has to trust me.”

Kimbella STILL Looks Good

Kimbella says “He does a great job of calming my fears. I trust him completely. I just can’t trust these other girls out here.”

So... maybe they should have talked about if before filming started and made their relationship look like a sham. There's a thought. 

We also got word that Amina was still hurting after Peter asked her for a divorce to work things out with Tara. 

Amina says “It hurts, especially because that’s not what he says off camera.”

Nina then asks Amina “Are you and Peter still intimate?” Amina says “Yes.” Peter says “No.”

Nina asks Tara “Are you and Peter still sleeping together?” Tara says “No, this has been going for years and it needs to stop.” Cardi speaks up and says ” Stop letting Peter be in control of this situation. He jumps from woman to woman because he can.”

Cisco then tells Amina “You sleep with Peter knowing that he is only with you because Tara doesn’t want him.” Amina fires back and says “I sleep with Peter because I want to.”

Um, okay then. 

Tara then revealed that she had issues with Amina's new book because she wrote about them going to a sex party. 

Tara says “I want my children to see their father in the best light possible.”

Peter says “They are going to see this when they grow up, so they are going to know who their dad is and how he behaved.”

The drama continued with Cisco telling Rich he was going to beat him and Cardi apologizing to Asia. 

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