Love & Hip Hop Season 7 Episode 14 Recap: The Sit-Down

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Did Yandy finally manage to put her differences aside with all of the women in Mendeecees' life?

That was her plan on Love & Hip Hop Season 7 Episode 14 when she realized that she did not want all of the animosity in her life. 

When the episode got underway, Kimbella was meeting with Samantha's mother, Kim, to discuss what went down at little Medeecees' birthday party. 

“Every time Samantha and Erika do something it keeps the kids apart.”

Kim responded “There are two sides to every story. You don’t know both sides.”

Kimbella wanted to know what the other side was, so she asked Kim. 

Kim tells her “Erika and Samantha have invited Yandy to things that she has not come to.”

Kimbella says “Can we all get-together and sort all of this out so that the kids can be together?”

Yandy Smith Looking Good

The ladies came to an understanding that they would do their best to have the women put the drama behind them. 

We switched gears over to Drewski and Sky, who were having some serious issues in their relationship. Sky revealed to the audience that she was now living with her mother. 

She met with Drewski because he wanted to try and make things right between them. When Drewski arrived, Sky was getting up close and personal with another dude. 

This rubbed him the wrong way as it was evident she was trying to make him jealous. 

Kimbella STILL Looks Good

He tells her “I want to make things right with you and this is what you do?”

Sky revealed that she was hurt by the video posted online and would be doing her best to make sure her man was jealous. 

While one relationship was crumbling, another was blossoming. Swift stopped by the studio to let Cardi B know that he was into her. 

“My feelings have grown for you and I really think that we could do great things.”

Cardi was floored by this random declaration, but she was not interested in pursuing a relationship. 

Tensions Are Falring on Love & Hip Hop!

“I don’t want us to get together because if you do me wrong, I would wish you bad, and I pray for your come up,” Cardi replied.  

Swift countered “Why do you think I would do you bad?”

Cardi barked “I just worry about jumping from one relationship to another.”

Later, Yandy met up with Kimbella at a photo shoot to chat about the meeting. Yandy was quick to open up about her reasons for not attending.

“I was coming to the party with Judy and the kids when I heard all of this commotion, so I turned around and left.” Kimbella laughs and says “I was the commotion!”

Yandy was disappointed that Kimbella was the root of the argument. 

Kimbella said, “I met with Kim the next day, and we agreed that there needs to be a meeting with all of us so that we can work this out.”

Yandy reluctantly agreed to the meeting. 

We returned to Drewski, who was trying to make things right with Sky. He was at her mother's house, apologizing. 

“I accept your apology, but I am still sleeping here at my mom’s house.” 

At that moment, a car rocked up. It was a white Mercedes. Sky was ecstatic, but her happiness quickly turned to rage when Drewski told her to change her number. 

“I thought you didn’t want me riding a motorcycle in the winter. You buying me this car is just you trying to control me.” 

The scorned woman hurled her glass of wine in his face, and that appeared to be the end of them. 

Finally, the women met up to hash out their differences. It was going well until Kimbella started throwing Mendeecees under the bus and blaming him for all of the trouble. 

“If all of you know that he is a cheater and wasn’t faithful to any of you then why are you sitting here fighting over him?” Samantha speaks up and says “It’s not about Mendecees, it’s about the kids.”

Judy got up to leave because she did not want her son trashed while she was there. 

And that's another season in the can, you guys! Will these girls be able to put their differences aside?

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