Christina El Moussa on Flip or Flop: Nothing to See Here! Filming is Going Well!

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Christina El Moussa appears to be well aware of the reports out there.

She may even read The Hollywood Gossip.

(If so: hi there, Christina!!!!!!)

Over the past few weeks, the seemingly amicable split between Christina and husband Tarek has come across as less and less amicable everyday.

Christina El Moussa Selfie Pic

According to one report, Tarek used to threaten rape against Christina.

According to another report, Tarek once hired a private investigator to track his wife's whereabouts.

We can't verify either of these accounts, but it seems pretty clear that Tarek and Christina were not some perfect couple, no matter how in love they may have seemed on screen during episodes of Flip or Flop.

Still, the former couple is under contract to still film these episodes, which they've been doing even as negative stories continue to float around the Internet.

But Christina recently took to Instagram in order to calm things down a bit.

She clearly wants fans to have a more positive impression of her and the reality show in order to ensure they tune in each week.

"I've never met a group of more positive, fun-loving, funny... all around amazing guys... filming 7 seasons of #FlipOrFlop has been a breeze because of them," Christina wrote alongside a snapshot of herself, Tarek and some crew members this week.

She added:

"I [love] each and every one of you. @hgtv."

Christina El Moussa on Set

Tarek and Christina are standing on opposite sides of each other in the photo.

But both are smiling broadly.

About a week ago, Christina left fans concerned, also due to an image she shared on Instagram.

It's possible that some folks were looking a bit too deeply into what may have been a simple selfie, but El Moussa posted the following picture on her account and captioned it with the words "Thursday vibes" last week.

Some followers left comments that wondered if Christina was crying out for help, due to the sad look on her beautiful face.

Christina El Moussa Instagram Selfie

An insider tells Entertainment Tonight that it really has been "business as usual" for the former couple, despite their ongoing divorce.

(Tarek filed the papers for it in December.)

"They're working together on set. They're fine," this source said a little while ago. "They are able to work together and continue their business."

Christina, of course, is dating ex-family contractor Gary Anderson, which is clearly a sore spot for Tarek.


"They remain committed to their children and co-parenting," the source told ET. "Their children are their number one priority. They'll always communicate. They're going to be cordial for the best of their family."

Indeed, Tarek and Christina have a six-year old girl named Taylor at home and an 18-month old boy named Brayden.

For the sake of these precious kids, let's hope Mom and Dad really do work out their issues and focus on raising the children in as stable an environment as possible.

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