Nick Viall: Where The F--k Is Corrine Olympios?

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Nick Viall is not impressed with the way Corinne Olympios has been acting on The Bachelor.

On next week's episode of the ABC hit, Nick takes the remaining contestants to meet his family. 

Nick Viall in a Suit

As you all know if you watch The Bachelor online, Corinne has been causing a lot of drama.

She seems to think she's in with a huge chance of winning, but she clearly does not understand that fighting for camera time is not attractive. 

However, it seems like Nick is just keeping her on the show to cause drama.

Could anyone seriously imagine Corinne winning the competition?

Nick and the contestants sweep up some cow manure.

It's hardly romantic, but Corinne seems to think she did does need to do it and disappears. 

Corinne Olympios, No Pants

This definitely ruffles a lot of feathers as Nick questions where the polarizing contestant has gone. 

Turns out, Corinne is not about to let her reputation die down and she has a perfectly good excuse for bailing on the activity.

"I need sushi,” the villain revealed.

Now, that's got to be one of the most hilarious ways to get out of sweeping up manure, but would anyone really have expected Corinne to join the other contestants?

Corinne Olympios in a Bikini Picture

She's the women who still has a nanny.

That nanny made her way into the headlines earlier this week when it was revealed that one fan wanted to raise money to "free" her from Corinne's clutches. 

Corinne was very annoyed about that and made it clear that her nanny was not a slave.

Yeah, we believe you. 

If you keep up to speed with The Bachelor spoilers, you probably know just how far Corinne makes it in the competition. 

Viall, Nick

The woman just seems to want to cause drama at every opportunity.

Could a villain really make it all the way to the end?

Nick Viall and Corinne

That's certainly one of the bigger questions as we delve deeper into Season 21 of the veteran reality series. 

What do you think about all of this?

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