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Did Yandy find a way to get Samantha off her back?

That was her plan on Love & Hip Hop Season 7 Episode 9, when she realized she needed to do something to dial the drama back before it got too late. 

Watch Love & Hip Hop Season 7 Episode 9 Online
Watch Love & Hip Hop Season 7 Episode 9 Online

We kicked things off with Yandy telling Juju about arguing with Mendecees. Juju was curious about what was going on between the pair, but she was shocked to the core to learn that they are not actually married. 

Seriously, what the hell was going through Yandy’s mind to keep quiet about this for so long? It’s almost like she didn’t give a damn until all of these women started showing up. 

Yandy then revealed that Samantha’s friend reached out to her for a chat. Now, this all does sound very odd. Why would Samantha’s friend willingly meet Samantha’s enemy?

Juju said just that to Yandy, who still proceeded with the meeting, anyway. 

Mendeecees Harris, Yandy Smith

When Yandy met up with Koko, she was apprehensive because she had no idea if this was all just another one of Samantha’s games. 

However, Yandy was floored by a statement from Koko about what the other women are really up to. 

“I have recorded conversations where Erika is trying to plot and scheme against you. They want to break up your family and keep the children away from you.”

Yandy was quick to point out that she did not entirely believe what Koko was saying. Koko then said that she has tapes she can send her and apologized to her about the whole thing. 

They exchanged email addresses and parted ways, with Yandy thanking Koko for taking the time to speak with her about it. 

Snoop On Love & Hip Hop Season 7 Episode 6

Meanwhile on this reality hit, Snoop was still trying to keep things with J strictly professional. As you already know if you watch Love & Hip Hop online, J has been trying her best to get back into a relationship with Snoop. 

Snoop was working with Sofie Green and pointed out that she had a lot riding on Sofie’e performance, so she would need to deliver. 

Vital then talked to Snoop about things with J. He was worried that Snoop was setting herself up for a huge fall if she and J wound up arguing with each other at work. 

Snoop’s label showcase was a success, but J was on tap to cause some drama.

She got jealous of Snoop looking at girls who were performing and it paved the way for Snoop to take her outside and end their working relationship. 

“I can’t do this. My personal life is handled in my home. This mess on the sidewalk is not cool. I can’t handle this. I’m done.”

Tensions Are Falring on Love & Hip Hop!

Will these two ever be able to be friends again? Somehow, we’re not so sure. 

Finally, Cisco and Peter met up to try and sort things after their big argument. Cisco defended himself because he felt like it was shady of Cisco to fly across a table over money. 

Peter tells him “You took money from me and my kids. If it was the same situation again and you told me you had the ten grand in your pocket it would be the same thing.”

Love & Hip Hop Photo

After that, Cisco revealed that he was stressed because of what was going on in his life. When prompted, Cisco revealed that his mother was dying. 

This put everything into perspective and the pair stopped their feud at that very moment. 

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