Girl Meets World: Canceled After Three Seasons!

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Looks like the rumors about Girl Meets World not make the cut for a fourth season were actually true since the Disney Channel series has been canceled after three seasons. 

The Twitter handle for the writers of the series took to Twitter on Wednesday night to confirm that the show was really over. 

Girl Meets World Cast Photo

"It is with incredible pride in our work and complete sadness that things end, that I report to this wonderful audience that our show is over," said the tweets. 

"I just officially got the call, and would like to thank this audience for its incredible love and loyalty. Please watch our January episodes"

Have a look at all of the tweets from the writer below. 

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gmw tweet 2
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Series star, Rowan Blanchard was devastated by the news and revealed some of her thoughts on the matter via Twitter. 

“Being on Girl Meets World is the most significant event in my life thus far, it changed absolutely every aspect of it, and takes up most of the life, I am able to remember,” Rowan Blanchard wrote.

“It is with this cast family I experienced mourning and heartbreak and overjoyment and long days that turned into long nights, each and every moment so painstakingly beautiful." 

Thanks to the show I have four moms, three of which are named Elizabeth, all of which became best friends themselves.”

Peyton Meyer on Girl Meets World

Rowan added, “Doing a show in general, specifically doing a show as a child into your teenhood, is so incredibly cosmic and scary but you do it because you love these people, because this has become your routine, because it is the closest you will get to being in real school, etc."

"I am crying typing this because yes, we were making a show, but our lives turned into a movie. We dressed The Breakfast Club, hid under stairwells to tell each other about our crushes, sobbed together when we suffered the death our teacher… these are things you don’t forget. That I will never forget.”

gmw rowan statement

The cancelation comes as the shock to pretty much no one. After Disney Channel refused to confirm the series' fate, fans have been wondering what would become of it. 

Recently, Rider Strong sent shock waves through the fan base when he implied that the show was over, but sources close to the production refuted the claims, saying there was no word on a renewal. 

Girl Meets World Poster

Unfortunately, it seems like most of the cast and crew had a feeling the show was over as a lot of them seemed to say goodbye to the show when filming concluded. 

What do you think about the show coming to a close? 

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