Chelsea Houska Reveals the Best Part of Her Wedding

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Back in October, Chelsea Houska married Cole DeBoer in a small, relatively private ceremony in the couple's native South Dakota.

The reception wasn't crashed by Teen Mom 2 obsessives, which is somewhat surprising given how beloved Chelsea and Cole are amongst the show's fans.

Chelsea attracted a loyal following of her own before Cole came along, but now that she's one half of what is arguably the franchise's most well-liked couple, her popularity has skyrocketed.

De Boers

The Chelsea and Cole relationship is bigger than the two reality stars as individuals.

For many TM2 fans, the Houska-DeBoer wedding was proof that dreams come true and happy endings are possible.

That may sound melodramatic (and it absolutely is) but this is a show with "teen" in the title, and in fairness, viewers did watch Houska put up with a Herculean quantity of BS in the years before she met Cole.

If you watch Teen Mom 2 online, you know that Chelsea may have the dubious distinction of having gotten knocked up by the absolute worst baby daddy in the show's history.

Cole DeBoer & Chelsea Houska Reveal They're Expecting a Baby

Fortunately, after years of Adam Lind getting arrested for everything from assault to failure to pay child support, Chelsea has put him well and truly in her rearview.

Best of all, she didn't endure those years of suffering for nothing.

Chelsea's daughter may be the most well-adjusted of all the Teen Mom offspring, and it's no surprise that when Chelsea reflects on her wedding, she does so with love not only for her husband, but for little Aubree as well:

"Even though I'm marrying Cole, it's such a big moment for [Aubree] also, because she hasn't had the best experience with her dad," Houska recently told MTV News when asked about the most memorable part of her wedding.

"Her being able to have her own dress and feel beautiful and get ready for this day just as much as I am was really amazing.”

Chelsea Houska Cole DeBoer wedding picture

These days, Chelsea is pregnant with her second child, and she says Cole has been essential in helping her to cope with the stresses of raising one child while preparing for the arrival of another.

"Cole has been wonderful — he's really laid-back, and I get anxiety really easily," Chelsea says.

"So he's been amazing. And I had a wedding planner, so she took a lot of the stress out of it."

Who would have guessed that someone on a reality show best known for the trainwreck lives of its stars would go on to provide so many with #RelationshipGoals?

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