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There was a trip to New York, Lisa Vanderpump being called out and some nudity drama for Erika Girardi on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 7 Episode 3

All of which resulted in a thrilling episode of this hit Bravo series that continues to be one of the best in the franchise. 

Watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 7 Episode 3 Online
Watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 7 Episode 3 Online

We kicked things off with Lisa Rinna on her way to New York with daughter, Amelia. Lisa’s business in New York appeared to stem from her other daughter, Delilah’s attempts to make a modeling career for herself. 

Kyle Richards was also in New York, preparing to open a store. She had her daughter, Sophia with her. Lisa R decided to stop by Kyle’s store and it was far from complete. 

In fact, you’d never believe it was ever going to be a store. It looked like trash. Lisa R revealed to Kyle that she was trying her best to mend fences with Lisa Vanderpump. 

Kyle Richards Waves to the Photogs

She was tired of the animosity between the group. Kyle seemed to think this was a great idea, before Lisa R disappeared to meet someone about Delilah’s modeling career. 

Meanwhile, Lisa V was trying to find a gift for Ken. Normally, all Ken seems to receive are gifts for the dog, but it seemed like Lisa V wanted to go for something different this time round. 

Dorit Kemsley accompanied the SUR boss, who inevitably settled on giving her husband a watch for his birthday. Ken seemed shocked at it, but was happy. 

L to the VP

When Dorit returned home, she revealed that she was having some struggles with motherhood and relied heavily on the nannies to help her with the kids. 

Dorit tried to take the kids to the park, but when one of them went crazy in the car, she decided it was best to just stay home with them. 

Later, most of the group attended a white party at Pump.

Kyle was quick to start things off by making it clear she was better than everyone else. 

She told them she had booked Alicia Silverstone for a project about her own upbringing. Yeah, because you just had to reveal that at that moment, Kyle. 

Erika then spoke about her nerves about appearing on Eileen’s show because she was nervous about what to expect. Lisa revealed she tried to get a part on it, but was not successful. 

Lisa Vanderpump: 2016 People's Choice Awards

The group then started making comments about Lisa’s age. She did not take it in bad taste, but Erika seemed pretty pissed that Lisa chimed in. 

"Let’s get fake British accents and start insulting people!"

That was not the end of the argument, either, but the rest of it seemed to focus on Erika’s lack of underwear. It was difficult to make sense of it. 

Yes, they’re all still friends. 

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