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With Rob Kardashian revealing Blac Chyna left him over the weekend, it seemed a little odd to be watching them in happier times for the birth of Dream Kardashian. 

The special was a great way to give fans further insight into their failed romance, but it also showed how a birth can bring a family together. 

Rob Kisses Chyna

We kicked things off with the pair debating whether to deliver their baby via C-section, or not. It was obviously a tough decision for both of them. They just wanted the best thing for their baby. 

To be fair, the best thing would have been if the pair called it quits months ago, but then they would not have a reality show, so they have to consider that in order to keep reaping the benefits of the cash flow generated by the show. 

Chyna made a huge lie in a confessional when she revealed that she and Rob don’t argue anymore. The thing that stopped the fighting?

Better communication. That’s a blatant lie because Chyna did not communicate with Rob her decision to leave him. According to Rob’s Instagram videos, she left him with an empty nursery

Kris Jenner at Charity Event

Chyna was ecstatic with a sonogram of Dream and it paved the way for her to contact Kris Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian to show them the photos. 

If Rob and Chyna were still a thing, this would have been a great way to show off Chyna’s improved relationship with the Kardashians. 

Chyna then revealed that her mother, Toni and Rob’s mother, Kris would be in the delivery room for the birth. This was worrying for Chyna because Toni and Kris hate each other. 

The Kardashians were ominously missing from Chyna’s baby shower, but that was filmed right around the time that Kim Kardashian was held at gunpoint in Paris, so we can probably assume that’s why. 

With Chyna continuing to worry about the meeting between Toni and Kris, she thought it would be a good idea to Facetime Kris to show her the nursery. 

Tokyo Toni on Her Grind Photo

That was when Rob got involved in the conversation with one of the most random outbursts.

“I can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait to bring my baby home to this beautiful nursery!”

Somewhere, Rob is probably cringing after all of the drama over the empty nursery. We don’t blame him. 

The drama kicked into high gear when Chyna revealed that her doctor recommended a C-section. Rob was worried about having other kids with Chyna. 

When it came to the delivery room, the doctor revealed that only one grandmother could be in the room. It seemed like there was going to be a huge fight about who would get to go in. 

Thankfully, Toni was the bigger person and let Kris go in the room. Kris was take aback, but glad at Toni at least trying to clear the air. 

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We got to watch the C-section via a video from Kris’ phone. And that’s how Dream Kardashian made her debut into the world. 

The end was filled with family members stopping by to lay eyes on the newest Kardashian, but Kim took to Facetime to see her new niece. 

Is that really how the series ends? E! has renewed Rob & Chyna for Season 2, but given recent events, it’s fate is not certain. 

What did you think of the special?

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