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Kylie Jenner is known for five major things.

Two of them are on her face, one is around back, and the last two? Well, they’re smack dab in the middle of her chest.

And they simply will not be contained.

Kylie Jenner, Fruit and Boobs

If you’re having trouble picking up what we’re putting down here, then don’t worry, Kylie’s bras are having the same problem.

And if you’re still at a loss, it’s her boobs.

We’re talking about her boobs, particularly about how big they’re getting these days, and if you missed the memo, then here.

Check out the situation in her new topless photo below. That’s Kylie up there in that totally see-through piece of "clothing."

She was modest enough to place a couple of emojis over her nipples, but shortly after sharing this, she just deleted the whole thing:

Kylie Jenner Topless Pic

Now, from this photo, we can deduce a couple of things:

1. There are hard copies of Kylie nudes out there in the world, which seems like either a bad plan or a lucrative business move.

2. Those Kylie Jenner boob job rumors, seemingly once purely the work of Internet fiction, get more believable by the day, right?

Not to get all pervy, but come on, you clicked on this story to see a photo of Kylie topless, no one’s on a moral high horse here:

If you really check out the shape of her boobs in this photo, and other recent social media efforts, they don’t look all that natural.

For additional evidence, please review another photo that our girl (who put on clothes for this one) also shared yesterday …

Kylie Jenner Leopard Print Shirt

There’s a solid chance that little thing she’s wearing is so tight that it pushes her breasts up like that, accounting for each being a different shape.

But there’s also a chance that those are implants.

If you can get past the denim baseball cap and the skin-tight leopard print turtleneck (and that’s a big "if"), you’ll see that her boobs just look humongous.

They’re just so big, people.

Just so very, very big.

And then, in this photo she shared just a few hours ago … well, them things didn’t get any smaller, we’ll tell you that for free.

Kylie Jenner Matching Shirt and Underwear

Now, Kylie’s still a young woman of just 19 years, and there’s a chance that she could be experiencing some late growth spurt here.

Stranger things have happened in this world.

But, knowing Ms. Jenner the way we do, it’s also likely, or at least plausible, that she felt the compulsion for a little surgical enhancement.

Are we making this theory up? Of course.

Are we basing it on serious analysis of images that show a transformation that doesn’t take a serious analysis to observe? Oh yeah.

Check out this photo, taken just back in August, and notice how distinctly different the reality star looked just four months ago:

Kylie Jenner: Check Out My Boobs!

There’s a pretty obvious difference in size, right?

Now, at this point in time, Kylie still looks tremendous. Let’s put that out there right now. She’s still an attractive girl, extremely so.

While her boobs, her lips, and her ass all seem to grow by leaps and bounds every single day, and that’s somewhat alarming, it works.

She’s smoking hot. It’s just raising red flags.

Just please be careful, OK, Kylie? We beg you. Don’t ruin a good thing by going overboard and making life choices you can’t unmake.

Because it’s a very, very good thing.