Woman Takes Funeral Selfie: Rest in Peace, Granddad!

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Selfies have become acceptable to take almost anywhere these days, but one woman in Mexico seemed intent on pushing the proverbial envelope.

Funeral Selfie

Most of Francia Fierros Palomino's followers on social media know she loves to take selfies, so in that respect, this one wasn't surprising.

Still, when she posted the above image with her grandfather's casket behind her, it caused quite a stir even among her ardent backers.

She captioned it, "Rest in peace, granddad."

With the use of the Snapchat emojis for a coffin and an old man, for good measure ... because that isn't tacky in the slightest.

After the Funeral Selfie

Obviously, not all feedback was positive.

Just the same, Francia doubled down, posting another selfie hours later, captioned, "Coming back from the funeral. Rest in peace granddad."

At least she wasn't smiling while posing?

Slammed in the comments for her lack of respect, Francia Fierros Palomino has been called everything in the book after such a display.

One person even went so far as to say that her late grandfather is better off in that coffin than "watching the stupidity of his granddaughter."

The selfie sparked so much rage that #LadyFuneral, a hashtag nickname people gave Francia, began to trend in Mexico in its aftermath.

It's not hard to see why.

Come on, there's a time and place to just put your phone down for an hour or so, no matter how vain and narcissistic you are.

Or how fun Snapchat indisputably is. We get it, the emojis and filters and instant communication are fun, even if you're not a narcissist.

But still. A little restraint can't hurt.

At least that's our take on it. People clearly seem to believe otherwise, as it appears there is no event or type of scenario that's out of bounds.

Not a speeding train approaching ...

... or even after doing some very dirty things, you just have to let the rest of the world know what (and who) you were doing at all times.

What a world.

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