Miranda Lambert to Anderson East: Hurry Up and Get Me Pregnant!

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It's been over a year since Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert divorced, and both parties seem to have had no difficulty moving on from their marriage.

Obviously, Blake started dating Gwen Stefani very soon after the split (some would say suspiciously soon), but Miranda didn't waste much time either.

She's been dating Anderson East since at least December of 2015, and while they don't seem to have moved quite as quickly and Gwen and Blake in the early months of their relationship, they might now be making up for lost time.

Anderson East and Miranda Lambert: 51st Academy of Country Music Awards

According to multiple sources, Anderson and Miranda are eagerly planning the next step in their relationship - and it may be a big one.

One insider claims Miranda is in a hurry to get pregnant. 

She reportedly believes Anderson would make a great dad, and with her 33rd birthday just two weeks away, she's apparently concerned about her ticking biological clock.

"That has been an open conversation between her and Anderson," says an insider close to the couple.

"He wants the same. Her friends think this is the guy for her.”

Anderson East

Both parties are reportedly hoping that marriage will follow soon after, but having a kid is said to be priority number one.

Several media outlets have suggested that part of the reason Miranda is so eager to get pregnant is so that she can set the record straight with regard to reports that she's still pining away for Blake.

According to various rumors, she's been particularly upset with her ex in recent weeks, due to reports that he's told friends and family that Gwen "saved him" from a loveless marriage to Lambert.

Miranda's inner circle says that's nonsense, and she would never have a kid for such a foolish reason.

Miranda Lambert Snuggles With Anderson East

Based on what we know about Lambert, we're inclined to agree with those sources.

She doesn't strike us as the bitter type, and she seems to be genuinely head-over-heels for East.

So good luck with the baby-makin', you two!

If nothing else, we're sure they'll enjoy the process.

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