Michael Phelps: #PhelpsFace Memes Take Over Social Media

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If you watched the men's 200m butterfly semifinal last night, then you know the highlight of the event came well before the swimmers actually entered the water.

In fact, Michael Phelps ' epic stare down of South African rival Chad Le Clos may prove to be one of the high points of the 2016 Olympics.

Will the moment prove to be as enduring as McKayla Maroney's "not impressed" face from the 2012 games?

Only time will tell, but for now, the Internet is in love with #PhelpsFace.

Check out some of the best memes inspired by the trending hashtag in the gallery below:

1. Michael Phelps: #PhelpsFace

Michael Phelps: #PhelpsFace
The actual glare that Phelps directed at Chad Le Clos was pretty damn funny on its own. Fortunately, some folks on social media attempted to improve upon it.

2. Satanic Swimmer

Satanic Swimmer
We think the screen text says it all. The cartoon axe is a nice touch.

3. Anakin Phelps

Anakin Phelps
"If only knew the power of the Dark Side. And by "the Dark Side," I mean cupping."

4. Michael Phelps Death Stare

Michael Phelps Death Stare
Phelps stopped just short of shooting lasers from his eyes. He may be working on that for tonight's race.

5. Michael Phelps: The Real Slim Shady

Michael Phelps: The Real Slim Shady
Someone brilliantly captioned this pic, "When you're the real Slim Shady, but someone else stands up." You never let us down, Twitter.

6. Like Phelps Father, Like Phelps Son

Like Phelps Father, Like Phelps Son
Michael and Boomer were in similar moods last night. We wonder if lil Boom was also listening to Eminem.

7. Be Afraid of Michael Phelps

Be Afraid of Michael Phelps
This collage was captioned simply, "PHELPS COMING!" That just about says it all.

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