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There once was a time, as hard as it may be to recall, when Mel Gibson was a lovable, talented heartthrob.

We know, we know, that doesn’t sound right at all, but it’s true.

But then in 2006, Mel ruined his reputation forever when he did a little bit of drunk driving.

As legend (and the police report) has it, he called a female officer “sugar tits,” and he said to another “F-cking Jews … The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.”

It should go without saying, but those are not things that a good person says.

But still, Mel thinks you ought to just forget about the whole damn thing.

He did a little interview on a Variety podcast yesterday, and he let everyone know exactly how he feels about the “sugar tits” scandal.

“Ten years have gone by,” he said. “I’m feeling good, I’m sober, all that kind of stuff, and for me it’s a dim thing in the past.”

“But others bring it up, which kind of I find annoying, because I don’t understand why after ten years it’s any kind of issue.”

It’s an issue because you said nasty, sexist, anti-Semitic garbage, Mel, and people don’t tend to forget that kind of thing. It’s really not a mystery.

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Mel hilariously added “Surely if I was really what they say I was, some kind of hater, there’d be evidence of actions somewhere. There never has been.”

“I’ve never discriminated against anyone or done anything that sort of supports that reputation.”

“And for one episode in the back of a police car on eight double tequilas to sort of dictate all the work, life’s work and beliefs and everything else that I have and maintain for my life is really unfair.”

… Is he serious with this?

There are just so, so many issues with everything he’s saying here.

He says that if he was “some kind of hater,” that “there’d be evidence of actions somewhere.”

This very thing Mel is talking about, his 2006 DUI and all the details of his behavior during his arrest? That’s evidence.

Also, did he just straight up forget 2010?

That was the year a series of tapes were leaked in which he could be heard making racist, sexist, and extremely violent remarks to his then-girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva.

Mel told Oksana that she looked “like a f-cking pig in heat, and if you get raped by a pack of n—–s, it will be your fault.”

He called her a whore, a slut, and worse, and he repeatedly ordered her to “blow” him.

And we can’t forget that in 2012, screenwriter Joe Eszterhas accused Mel of spouting off some anti-Semitic remarks while they were working on their failed film project, The Maccabees.

Eszterhas claimed that Mel called Jews “Hebes,” “oven-dodgers,” and “Jewboys,” and that he even said that the Holocaust was “mostly a lot of horsesh-t.”

Just last year, Mel was accused of violently shoving a woman and yelling at her at a Jewish film festival.

Basically, there’s tons of evidence that Mel is, in fact, “some kind of hater.”

The fact that he thinks it’s “annoying” and “unfair” that people keep calling him out on it just serves as further proof of that.