Lala Kent Takes On Entire Vanderpump Rules Cast in Hilarious Twitter Feud

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Lala Kent was the newest SUR girl on Vanderpump Rules last season, which meant she was subjected to hazing that would make a Marine weep and backstabbing that would leave Julius Caesar all like, "Dafuq, bruh?"

So it didn't come as much of a surprise when Lala announced she'd be quitting the show following a run of episodes that saw her clash with several cast members, including noted trash-talker Kristen Doute.

Lala Kent Modeling Photo

It was a sad day for fans of boozy drama when we learned that we might never see a Lala v. Kristen rematch.

Thankfully, the trailer for Vanderpump Rules Season 5, which debuted last week, featured a very welcome surprise.

(No, we're not talking about Jax's weird conversation with his penis.)

Yes, it seems Lala is back for Season 5.

Maybe when she said she was quitting she meant after the upcoming season.

Or maybe she was just having some fun with an obnoxious Twitter troll.

Either way, we couldn't be happier that she'll be interrupting engagement party toasts and butting heads with Kristen and company for another season.

In fact, Lala is already offering up a taste of what's in store in the form of some Twitter savagery directed at her co-stars.

It seems Ms. Kent was in Hawaii last week, but the chill environment didn't stop her throwing shade:

Vanderpump Rules Season 5 Cast Photo

"There is nothing more terrifying and dangerous than people who are envious," Lala tweeted beneath a photo of the cast.

In case there was any doubt who she's talking about she tweeted screenshots of the same pic from both Kristen and Jax Taylor's Instagram pages.

The attack was not unprovoked, as Jax publicly dissed Lala after the trailer debuted, and sources on set say Kristen was brutal to Kent during filming for Season 5.

Never one to shy away from drama, newlywed Katie Maloney (aka Tequila Katie) got in on the act with a scathing tweet that's said to be about Lala:

"It's funny when stupid people think I'm stupid. Lol. Thank u for wasting ur time providing me with loads of entertainment."

Katie Maloney Pic

Of course, she followed that up with:

"If you think this is about you.. you aren't correct," so ... who knows?

Is that like some sort of Zen riddle disguised as a diss? We're confused.

Showing she can hold her own with masters of the art of subtle shade throwing, Lala recently made a valid point about Kristen's insult of choice:

"I'm confused by the insult 'suck a dick'. Like don't tell me2 do something that every grownass woman does, thinking it will hurt my feelings."

She was more less low-key earlier today, when she capped things off with:

"Who is this Kristen Doute creature and why does she care so much about my snapchats?"

Lala Kent on Instagram

Yup. She went full "creature."

The season hasn't even started yet, and we already can't wait for the reunion show.

Watch Vanderpump Rules online to get caught up for what promises to be an epic Season 5.

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