Jax Taylor Lands Vanderpump Rules Spinoff Series!

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If you watch Vandepump Rules online, you know that Jax Taylor has claimed a place alongside Scott Disick and Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino in the Reality TV Dumbass Hall of Fame.

That may sound like a diss, but we actually mean it as the highest compliment.

After all, where would shows like Vanderpump be without the comic relief provided by people like Jax?

Whether he's trying to figure out how many days are in a year or getting arrested for stealing sunglasses (that he could easily afford) while on vacation in Hawaii, Jax is the vodka in the Pump-tini.

He's what makes us keep tuning in week after week, despite the continued presence of James Kennedy.

So we suppose it's not all that surprising that Bravo is looking to add more Jax to its lineup.

Rumors of a Jax-centric Vanderpump spinoff have been circulating for months, and now it looks like season one is already in the can.

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 “People love to love Jax and love to hate him," says a source who confirmed the spinoff deal to Radar Online.

“With fame comes jealousy so there are definitely some cast members that are bothered by this, but for the most part they are all really happy for Jax because they know that they will get to be on two shows instead of just one now."

Insiders say the show will focus on the relationship between Taylor and his girlfriend, Brittany Cartwright, who will be a regular on Vanderpump again this season.

The couple has been filming in Cartwright's native Kentucky, and there's speculation that the series will focus on Jax's efforts to adjust to life on a farm.

Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright

Could make for an amusing fish-out-of-water tale, but it'll be difficult for Jax to misbehave in the middle of nowhere, and his affinity for bad decisions is one of our favorite things about Taylor.

But hey, regardless of the quality of the show, we can't blame Jax for seizing his window of opportunity to cash in.

As amusing as his "himbo" routine is on camera, the guy has reportedly proven that he's sharper than expected when it comes to managing his wealth.

He's described himself as "set for life" thanks to investing his Vanderpump earnings in business ventures such as a SoCal restaurant.

Maybe he's exaggerating (honesty is not exactly Jax's strong suit), but it seems he's well aware that reality TV fame doesn't last forever, and the smartest stars cash in while they can.

Jax might be the most intelligent dumbass on television.

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