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On The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 7 Episode 8, tensions continued to linger and tempers continued to flare in the Garden State.

Watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 7 Episode 8 Online
Watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 7 Episode 8 Online

If you watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey online, you know that Joe Giudice has been preparing to begin his prison sentence on the series.

This may be the one storyline in show history that was actually NOT scripted by producers.

On Monday’s special Labor Day installment, the reality of his situation smacked Joe in the face.

And he responded by tossing a lot of alcohol down his throat.

And by going after his wife… verbally, that is. Not like Chris Brown or anything.

After Teresa Giudice made a comment that she needed to file bills, Joe simple snapped.

"Why don’t you pay it again like you normally do?" he said, adding: "That’s why you’ll never survive without me."

Teresa mumbled something about how she had survived before he came along, to which he hilariously replied:

"I had a lot of money before I married you."

You’re being just like your dad, Teresa said to him.

And this was clearly the wrong path to go down with Joe.

"Don’t bring my dad up, or I’ll smack your head up against the wall!" he screamed "Shut the f-ck up, please! Stop talking. You and your stupid mother."

Jacqueline in New Jersey

Perhaps we should take back that part about Joe not being like Chris Brown, huh?

Teresa replied to this rant by telling her husband to leave, which he was only too happy to do.

"The only thing I’m going to miss are my kids!" he yelled upon stomping away.

Teresa tried to brush off the incident by saying it was just the alcohol talking.

"He needs to go. It would be good for him," 15-year old Gia told her mom about her dad’s impending prison time. “I think he needs to realize what he has so he can get his sh-t together.”

He also needs to go because he broke many laws when lying about his income and falsifying bankruptcy documents.

"We only have a few weeks left together. I know Joe is unraveling. I see it. He is drinking a lot more. He’s having mood swings. He’s just not dealing with it well," Teresa said later on.

"Before I went away, I was able to cope with it better than Joe is. I was about making memories because I felt like I was dying. I wanted my kids to remember, Mommy’s happy, Mommy’s smiling.

"Joe’s just different. I feel like saying to him, ‘Joe, wake up. Let’s just make the next few weeks count.’"

Elsewhere, in events unrelated to a family that makes the Kardashians seem lovable, Melissa Gorga was overwhelmed by her responsibilities running a business and being a mother.

Could she really have it all?

"I did think it was going to be a little more fun," she told the camera of her new boutique, Envy. "I’m sacrificing all this time with my family. I’m arguing with my husband, and for what?"

Couldn’t she just delegate more, suggested her business partner?

Sure, maybe, Melissa replied. But she wanted to set an example for her kids.

So she’s forging ahead with the business. For now, anyway.

Finally, Chris and Jacqueline Laurita figured they would host a poker night.

It was meant to be comprised of Chris, Joe Gorga and Joe Giudice… but Rosie Wakile showed up because she felt bad about comments she made about the Giuidices on New Year’s Eve.

She wanted to make things right.

Teresa and Joe Giudice on Instagram

But Joe didn’t show up because he was hungover, prompting Rose to say "I don’t need this bullshit anymore" and adding that was was "f-cking done" before storming out.

(She did eventually return, however.)

When Joe Gorga asked Teresa what was truly going on with her husband, she sighed and replied: "He’s going through a lot right now."

Yeah. That happens when you’re an awful person who breaks the law.