Justin Bieber: Attacked In Germany!

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Justin Bieber finds himself in some sort of trouble practically everywhere he goes. 

He's one of the most popular stars on the planet, so some people get a little rowdy around him.

That's sort of what happens when people end up in the same room as a celebrity as big as Justin. 

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Add in the fact that Justin is single right now, then you can only imagine just HOW much the ladies would want to be near him.

Given Justin's track record, he'll probably be on the market for a new chick to give him compliments. 

It's not like Kourtney Kardashian will give him the time of day now that she's allegedly back together with Scott Disick

Yes, Justin Bieber and Sofia Richie are totally over. 

With the way Justin went on about the relationship, he probably isn't too cut up about the whole thing. 

It was never meant to be a serious thing. 

Justin Bieber and Sofia Richie

Well, clearly the two of them never noticed the media coverage they were getting. 

The were the new big couple in the celebrity world, but there was a lot of controversy surrounding their relationship. 

Justin's band of beliebers did not like Richie because it meant there was less chance of any of them finding love with him. 

Even Selena Gomez joined in on the fun when Justin threatened to get rid of his Instagram account. 

Granted, she should not have said anything about the matter. 

If anything, it just proved that she was not over her breakup with Bieber. 

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Maybe that's why Bieber took some time out at HEART nightclub in Munich. 

However, not everyone was happy that Bieber was in attendance at the classy club. 

One man thought it was appropriate to "lunge" at Bieber. 

That didn't go down well and Justin's security helped him out of the club. 

He was also accompanied by a woman who seemed like a bodyguard

Justin Bieber Chills in Car

She did not let anyone near Bieber and helped him escape the club after the scuffle broke out. 

The man who started the fight was allegedly trying to get Bieber's attention the whole night. 

It's pretty sad when the highlight of a good night is trying to harass someone for attention. Right?

What do you think of all the drama?

Hit the comments below!

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