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This is hard, friends, because we fear change, and Christina Aguilera went and got us terrified. But we have to soldier on anyway, all right?

Christina Aguilera — deep breaths, y’all — just got a brand new look.

After several months of living life as a redhead, Christina is going back to her roots. Or bleaching her roots to roots to oblivion, if we’re being real about it.

Christina Aguilera's New Blonde Hair

Christina posted that photo to Instagram last night, along with the message "Blondes really do have more fun."

(We like to think that people who have more fun have more fun, regardless of hair color, but sure, we’ll go with it.)

She looks beautiful, obviously, because she’s Christina Aguilera and she has no other choice, but we can’t deny that we’re going to miss the hell out of the red hair.

It was absolutely glorious, right?

Christina Aguilera Red Hair

It gave her image an extra little something, and for her to go back to that dry-ass blonde, the kind that makes you worried that a couple of strands are going to snap off when the wind blows, it hurts. It really does.

Her new look shouldn’t come as a surprise though, because you know this girl is used to switching things up on her head.

Remember when she had that super dark hair?

Christina Aguilera Black Hair

Not gonna lie, she looks like the beta version of Snooki here, so this obviously wasn’t the greatest choice, but you have to admire her for trying something new, right?

And of course there was the time when she threw a little bit of black in with her classic blonde.

Christina Aguilera Black and Blonde Hair

Sorry, did you think that you’d gotten thrown into a time warp after looking at that photo?

That’s fair, because it’s a photo of basically everything that was wrong with 2003, but still, apologies.

And then there was the time that she went red before she really went red.

Christina Aguilera Multi-Colored Hair

Oh, nostalgia …

So yes, the moral of the story is that while Christina is absolutely gorgeous, no matter what some trolls try to claim, and while she would look beautiful in a potato sack with a shaved head … the red really was the best.

Christina can do whatever she wants and look good doing it — one of the perks of being a diva, right? — but let’s take a moment to remember the magic that we lost when Christina took a vat of peroxide to that pretty little head of hers.

Christina Aguilera Redhead

Oh, Christina. You hurt so good, girl.