JonBenet Ramsey Death: John Mark Karr Makes CRAZY New Claims

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It was a case that still weirds people out to this day.

John Mark Karr Mug Shot

The December 1996 death of JonBenet Ramsey in her parents' Colorado basement has gone unsolved to this day.

An upcoming television special, JonBenét: An American Murder Mystery, hopes to change all that.

John Mark Karr, who was initially accused of murdering the six-year-old but was later acquitted, spoke to the special's producer, Steph Watts about what happened.

“Nobody wanted that little girl to die that night — nobody!” Mark Karr, 51, claimed in an transcript obtained by Radar Online.

“Her death was an accident. I was with her when she died. But I was not the person who caused it!"

Karr claims that the evidence at the crime scene was staged.

“How she was found, that’s not how she died," he said, maintaining his innocence in terms of actually killing Ramsey.

"Where she was found in that basement is not where she died."

Jon Benet Ramsey

Mark Karr positioned himself as a sort of "fix-it" guy for whomever murdered the beauty pageant contestant.

“Something happened to her [and I] had to take care of it,” Mark Karr continued.

“I have always been able to fix things," he said.

"Nobody came in there and did a pedo-erotic thing to that little girl, but it was made to look as though it was done that way.”

Mark Karr also said that the ransom note left for Ramsey's mother, Patsy (who died in 2006 from ovarian cancer), was staged.

The letter was "was nothing more than just a big prop” used to make it seem like Ramsey's death was the result of a “botched kidnapping.”

JonBenet Ramsey Photo

As far as revealing who he was working for to cover up the murder, Mark Karr will never tell.

“I’m going to protect every person that needs to be protected,” he said.

“Maybe God up in Heaven will forgive me for some of the things that I did to help other people!”

Mark Karr currently resides in Thailand, and was brought back to the U.S. in 2006 on suspicion of murder.

However, Mark Karr's DNA sample did not match a sample taken at the murder scene, and he was no longer deemed a suspect.

JonBenet: An American Murder Mystery miniseries premieres tonight on Investigation Discovery at 10 p.m. 

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