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The Internet can be a very sad place.

Trust us. We make a living on it.

Blue Ivy Laughs

But have users now fallen to a new low? Is that even possible?

Last Sunday, Beyonce attended the MTV Video Music Awards with her daughter, Blue Ivy Carter.

They wore similar outfits and looked as precious as any mother and her child ever could look.

Here. See for yourself:

Beyonce Smiles Blue Ivy VMAs Red Carpet 2016

This is what we thought, at least.

But a handful of trolls have now taken to Instagram and straight up slammed the four-year old.

Seriously, people are insulting a four-year old, openly referring to her as "ugly" and saying many other mean things.

Ignoring the fact that these morons are wrong (Blue Ivy is totally adorable), the fact that they even feel a need to comment on the looks of an infant is the most troubling thing at play here.

Blue insults

Pretty disturbing, right?

If only those were the only comments of this nature…

Blue Disses

And here’s something to keep in mind and ponder:

All of these comments were left by women. Every single one of them.

This really shouldn’t come as a surprise, sadly. Women are always the harshest critics of other women. But we never would have guessed they’d also be the harshest critics of young women.

Like, really young women.

Beyonce with Blue Ivy Carter

Thankfully, Blue Ivy’s mother is Beyonce Knowles.

And it’s hard to think of a better female role model than Beyonce Knowles.

At the end of the day, Blue Ivy will be just fine. Beyonce will make sure of it.

We can’t say the same about the people who left the comments above, however.

We pity them. These people have serious, serious mental issues.

While we continue to bow down in the presence of Beyonce, we’ll go ahead and offer up some prayers for these misguided souls as well.