Ariel Winter: Watch Me Put Makeup on My Naked Butt!

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At the 2016 Emmy Awards on Sunday night, Ariel Winter fashion sense drew raves from fashion critics and fans on social media alike.

Of course, Ariel's been a wildly popular presence on Instagram for about a year now.

But there, it's usually her lack of clothing that attracts the most attention.

Ariel Winter Naked Butt Selfie

The photo above needs no explanation, but let's attempt to explore the meaning behind it anyway, shall we?

As you can see, that's Ariel Winter's butt.

It's a butt we've seen many times before, of course.

Not as many times as, say, the average Kardashian's but, many, many times nonetheless.

Not that we're complaining.

Ariel Winter: Bikini on a Boat

Anyway, we've never seen the Ass of Winter (Feel free to use that for a work of Game of Thrones-themed erotica, George R.R. Martin.) quite like this before.

As you can see, she's having makeup applied to her famous backside for reasons that remain unclear.

Generally, one doesn't have makeup professionally applied to one's butt unless said butt is soon to be professionally photographed.

But before you give us too much credit for our detective work on that one, we should confess that Ariel captioned the pic thusly:

"BUTT really, don't miss a spot #secretshoot"

Secret shoot, eh?

Ariel Winter: Instagram Butt Selfie

Interestingly (if you're a fan of semi-nudity on social media - and who isn't?!), Ariel also captioned the photo above with the "secret shoot" hashtag.

So in one pic she's wearing a see-through skirt, and in another she's having her ass powdered?

Clearly, the girl is preparing some sort of Internet-shattering butt-based pictorial!

We always knew the girl was sporting a weapon of ass destruction, and now it seems she's prepared to unleash it on an unsuspecting global population.

Ariel Winter Insta Photos

She's coming for your crown, Kim!

Quick, you better post a whole bunch of naked selfies as a counter-attack.

Oh, you were already in the process of doing that?

As you were then, Kim. As you were.

On an unrelated note, is applying makeup to Ariel Winter's butt a full-time job, and if so, where do we apply?

We've been writing about her butt for quite some time now, so we know it pretty well.

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