Anthony Weiner: Headed to Prison For Sexting Teenage Girl?

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These days, the unfortunately-named Anthony Weiner is better known for his numerous sex scandals than for his political career.

Anthony Weiner 2016 Democratic National Convention

Weiner resigned from Congress in 2011 after inadvertently tweeting a sexually explicit photo of himself.

In 2013, Weiner returned to the political arena with a failed campaign for mayor of New York City that was cut short when it was revealed that Weiner had been sexting Sydney Leathers, a young woman who went on to tar in an adult film based on her involvement with the disgraced politician.

It seems even that incident wasn't enough to keep the 52-year-old from sending explicit texts and social media messages, and Weiner was caught up in two additional sexting scandals in the past month.

While his political career has come to an end, until recently Weiner was married to Huma Abedin, a top aide for Hillary Clinton.

Abedin left Weiner after the latest round of revelations, but his name is still linked with the Clinton campaign, and thus, his scandalous private life is still making headlines.

Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner Photo

And unfortunately for everyone involved, Weiner's dalliances keeping getting more and more shameful.

Back in August, Weiner was caught in yet another sexting scandal after having sent a number of explicit photos (at least one of which showed the former congressman lying in bed next to his young son) were posted by a woman who set out to "catfish" Weiner. 

Last week, it was revealed that Weiner had been sexting a 15-year-old girl, a move that could land him in serious legal trouble.

Page Six consulted with legal experts to find out if Weiner could be facing jail time for the illicit texts.

The answer?

Some believe that not only is Weiner headed to prison, he latest misdeeds might lead to a new federal law being enacted.

A Weiner

“This could be the tip of the iceberg with a minor," a DC lawyer and former DA who believes Weiner will do time.

"This is not the first school girl he wants to see in her uniform.”

She added that he'll almost certainly be facing a civil suit from the girl's family as well:

“This is disgusting and depraved. I would not want to be his lawyer. He is not going to win this case.”

As a result of Weiner's latest scandal, New York State Assembly candidate Dean Hart is calling for a bill to criminalize sexually explicit text messages sent to minors:

Anthony Weiner 2013 Museum of Tolerance

“When you are an adult you don’t play games with 15-year-old girls . . . This should be illegal and eliminates the difference between images and writing."

Hart added:

"This is how he gets his jollies. I thought he needs a shrink ... but now [with a minor], they got to make it a crime.

"When people drive drunk, they are not permitted to drive a car again, so they should ban him from using cellphones and the Internet.”

Others believe Weiner will avoid jail due to the fact that thus far the texts between Weiner and the teen that have surfaced have not featured any explicit photos.

Whatever the case, this latest controversy should serve as a decisive nail in the coffin for Weiner's political career and his marriage.

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