Jill Duggar: Jinger Will Be the Next to Get Pregnant!

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As you may have heard, Jessa Duggar confirmed that she's pregnant with her second child in a statement issued to People magazine this morning.


The news didn't come as a huge shock to fans, as rumors that Jessa is expecting have been circulating for several weeks now.

There were some clear tip-offs, such as the fact that she hasn't posted a selfie since May, and, well - she's a Duggar.

Makin' babies is pretty much what they do.

Initially, many fans thought we might be in for a dual announcement, as on several occasions, Jessa and her big sister Jill have openly discussed their desire to get pregnant at the same time.

It turns out the Duggar aficionados may have been partially right.

It seems there's a good chance Jessa won't be shopping for maternity clothes on her own, but it's not Jill who will be joining her.

Last month, we learned that Jinger Duggar is engaged to Jeremy Vuolo, a former pro soccer player from the Philadelphia area.

Asked if she's trying to get pregnant herself, Jill evaded the question, but suggested that if one were to wager on the next Duggar gal to get knocked up, the smart money would be on Jinger.

"Derick’s bet is on Jinger!" Jill told Us Weekly in a recent interview. "We will just have to wait and see!"

So it sounds like there are no babies in the immediate future for Jill and Derick, which should come as no surprise.

For much of the past year, the couple has been living in the Zika zone, performing missionary work in and around El Salvador.

Though they're back in their native Arkansas now, the couple still isn't out of the woods with regard to Zika infection.

Doctors have advised women who lived in affected areas to wait two years before getting pregnant, though that precaution may become unnecessary as researchers learn more about the disease.

So for now, our congratulations go out to Jessa and Ben.

And our thanks to Jessa for the inside tip.

Someone get our bookie on the phone!

Watch Counting On online to get caught up in time for the second season of the Duggars' new reality show, premiering tonight!

You can bet that Jinger's engagement and Jessa's pregnancy will both be hot topics of conversation this season.

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