Famously Single Recap: Trouble For Aubrey & Pauly D!

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There was a whole lot of relationship drama on the latest hour of Famously Single. 

There were fights, make ups and break ups!

Famously Single 1x06

We started off with Brandi and Calum, who really argue over the silliest things. 

The two of them decided to make another go of things, with Calum noting that they are like a "married couple."

He does kind of have a point, but then Brandi fired back that they are yet to have sex. They decided to try and stop arguing and talk more about things before they reach boiling point. 

Then came the argument between Aubrey and Pauly D. 

There's no denying that Aubrey has been super pushy with Pauly D. Heck, she was the one who kicked the whole relationship off. 

She couldn't keep her hands off him. 

It shows how much she's into him, but Pauly D will NOT have sex in the house. 

This frustrated Aubrey, but it shows what a nice and respectable guy he's being to her. 

Later, the drunken pair had an argument and Pauly D claimed he didn't know Aubrey because he doesn't know the names of the women he orders from Craigslist. 


Will the couple be able to make it back from this, or is their time up already?

Meanwhile, Somaya and Jessica finally got some action... with one another. 

They went for a friendly dinner, but things took a turn when they realized their chemistry was off the charts. 

They rushed back to the house and indulged in a make out session in a bath. 

Will the other house mates ever find out?

This really was a crazy installment and i can't wait to see where they go with it next. 

What did you think of it all?

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