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Chad Johnson was ousted just as The Bachelorette spoilers predicted, but he’s one of those reality TV villains that just won’t go away. 

Chad Johnson On The Bachelorette Shirtless
Photo via ABC

He may be one of the most horrid villains on The Bachelorette to date, but has he always been a villain?

After hearing about what his Tinder profile says, probably.

It turns out that blogger, Katy Wellhousen swiped left on him a year ago. 

She took a screenshot of the villain’s profile and has the deets on the bio. 

“You’re gonna have to deal with me being a workaholic realtor. I want my own jet by 31 … I go out once a month maybe. 6’3 195lb and I workout 6 days a week."

If you watch The Bachelorette online, you’ll probably be thinking that he sounds pretty boring and nothing like the dude who shocked us this summer.

He would have to be pretty rich to have his own jet, but maybe he can’t stand to be in the presence of other people. 

There’s also a huge possibility that he steers clear of economy flying. He does not get on well with anyone!

Flying in private jets would be a good thing, but the dude probably aspires to be Dan Bilzerian

He closed off his bio with a rather bold statement.

"You probably have a better chance of winning the lottery to be honest.”

We’re sure people would rather win the lottery than spend time with him. 

There were initial reports that the profile was fake, but bad Chad confirmed that it was his profile in a tweet over the weekend. 

“Fine. You caught me,” the hothead tweeted at Katy.

He then closed the tweet off proving that he really does love himself.

“But we both know you swiped right #TinderWinner #TheBachelorette #NoLotterlyWin4U.”

It’s pretty crazy how someone can remember who they swiped left a year ago. 

What do you think about all of this?