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He got kicked off The Bachelorette for acting like a sociopath and threatening to beat up all the guys in the house.

Then he was booted off Bachelor in Paradise for being a drunken d-bag and calling Lace Morris a c*nt (so we hear).

Chad Johnson and His Muscles
Photo via Instagram

But evidently, being a complete and utter a-hole on reality TV has its rewards.

The Bachelor creator and noted Twitter whore Mike Fleiss has been tweeting about giving Chad Johnson his own show.

But could this douche canoe actually be the next Bachelor??

"I hear ya, #BachelorNation!!!" Fleiss tweeted.

"How ’bout this little nugget? I’m thinking Chad should be the next Bachelor spinoff…"

Lovely. Like so many others before him, Chad and his veiny muscles are reaping the benefits of serving as the show villain, and you know why?

All of us jerks will watch that crap out of it and television networks have zero shame.

But hold up before you go and get Kaley Cuoco-inspired Bachelor pants peppered with a print of Chad’s smug mug.

Fleiss may have just been testing the waters to gauge the Bachelor Nation response to the possibility of Bachelor Chad, and it wasn’t all positive.

As one follower so eloquently told him, "are you drunk? I hope you are drunk. #worstideaever."

A couple days later, Fleiss clarified, explaining that the beefy fame hound shouldn’t necessarily follow in Ben Higgins’ footsteps, but that he deserves his very own Chad show. 

"Wasn’t saying Chad should be our next Bachelor… Was thinking he might need a new show of his own! #ChadtotheBone"

Oh, look. They’ve already come up with the tagline.

So while The Bachelorette’s JoJo Fletcher affirmed that violence would never win a place in her heart, it clearly wins when it comes to securing a reality TV paycheck.

This is the world we live in, folks.