Brandi Glanville: Drunk, Semi-Nude, Pissed at Some Dude on Instagram

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Brandi Glanville is having quite the week on social media.

Brandi Glanville at Lure

It all started when a Drunk Brandi vs. LeAnn Rimes battle of the butts showed us the way all feuds should be resolved.

The two ladies in Eddie Cibrian's life tied in a split decision, but that doesn't mean Brandi is done getting drunk and naked on Instagram.

Brandi is often drunk, and she's semi-nude just as frequently, but over the course of the past week, she's been combining her two favorite states more than usual.

Here she is preparing food for some friends ... half-naked, of course:

Brandi Glanville Butt Selfie Pic

"It's 1230 and I'm still in PJ's cooking for people that are constantly hungry & sneaking cheeky pics of me over the stove," Glanville captioned the pic.

Ya know, Brandi, just because someone took a photo of your ass doesn't mean you have to post it on social media.

Not that we're complaining.

Anyway, in addition to posting even more intoxicated semi-nudity than usual, Brandi offered this boozed up karaoke session which may provide some insight into her current state of mind:

She didn't best around the bush when captioning the video, writing:

"Tipsy and single happy 4th! Today truly is my Independence Day #free"

So it seems like Brandi is definitely pissed off at some dude, right?

Internet sleuths have been trying to figure out who it is that broke Brandi's heart, but it's no easy feat:

She was reportedly hooking up with Callum Best, but she was also banging comedian Theo Von, an unidentified celebrity, and an Uber driver.

So we may never know the culprit, but it's clear that someone did Brandi dirty.

As long as she keeps reacting with risque pics, we're gonna go ahead and say it was for the best.

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