Michelle Collins: Leaving The View!

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Earlier this month, rumored swirled speculating that Michelle Collins was getting fired from The View.

Today, the ABC talk show confirms that Collins will not be returning next season.

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"I have some bittersweet news to share – Michelle Collins is leaving the show," executive producer Candi Carter wrote to staff in an e-mail obtained by Entertainment Weekly.

"A gracious presence on stage and off, she asked smart questions, made us laugh and will always be part of The View family.

"We wish her great success with some exciting new projects ahead. 

"Please join me in thanking Michelle for her hard work, great humor and many contributions this season to The View."

Anyone who's ever worked in an office knows that e-mails bombs from the boss like this are purposely written to come off as politically correct and uncontroversial, but we imagine there's more to the story.

However, a source told People that "the parting was amicable," although Collins won't make another appearance at the table.

The source added that the show "would have been happy to have her back but understandably she wants to focus on other projects – we'd be happy to have her back on the show down the line to talk about them."  

It's kind of a bummer. With her quick wit and down-to-earth personality, Collins is one of the hosts we actually liked. 

Unfortunately, in the year that she's been a full-time host, the comic became embroiled in a few kerfuffles during the show.

ABC reportedly lost advertisers after running a segment in which Collins criticized a nurse.

Then in October, Collins was scrutinized after making fun of presidential candidate Carly Fiorina's appearance.

Whatever her "other projects" may be, we hope to see more of Collins in the future.

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