The Real Housewives of New York City Season 8 Episode 7 Recap: Bethenny WRECKS Sonja!

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After all they've been through o'er the years, for Bethenny Frankel and Sonja Morgan, is there still hope to have a long-lasting friendship?

Or even not-so-close-friends who mostly kind of get along? We found out on The Real Housewives of New York City Season 8 Episode 7 ...

When you watch The Real Housewives of New York City online, trouble started brewing from the first minute over Sonja's Tipsy Girl brand.

Countess Luann said she thought the moniker might hit Bethenny Frankel, founder of Skinnygirl, "a little close to home," but Sonja disagreed.

Suffice it to say, Sonja is clueless and not self-aware.

"It's a little too close for comfort," Bethenny told Ramona. "If I had walked into that party and seen that, I think I would have just walked out."

She compared it to watching your husband have sex with somebody else and told Carole Radziwill that she is now "done" with Sonja.

Well, "done" in a manner of speaking.

Naturally, Sonja was set to come into the Skinnygirl office for a chat later that week. Well done, RHONYC producers. Very well done!

When that meeting arrived, Bethenny cut right to the chase: "So you are saying that you are coming out with a brand called Tipsy Girl."

Frankel told Morgan that her partners were "shady" and began grilling Sonja about who her distributors are, and talking way over her head.

"They call it a cheater brand," Bethenny said, laying into the product and her co-star, HARD. "You've asked me for business advice."

"I'm actually just personally hurt."

"I put my neck out for you, brought you into my world," she went on. "I'm completely insulted, and I don't want anything to do with you."

"Well, I never would have thought that," Sonja said.

Bethenny retorted, "Well, you thought wrong."

"I think you're a fraud. You've come up with six fake businesses, and no one buys any of it," Frankel added. "Nobody believes any of it."

Then Sonja played the bankruptcy card:

"Right now, the aftermath of that chapter 11 is really hitting me. I'm just trying to get back to where I was. I thought alcohol was a great idea."

"I just thought I would have a couple of things, the rosé and the prosecco ... certainly not what you did, not sell it for 10 million or 100 million."

"Just sell what I can in their restaurants."

Bethenny called for someone to get Sonja a tissue and wished her well, but still noted, "I don't believe that you didn't do this intentionally."

Follow the links above to watch this play out in full, and to see whether the beef between Ramona Singer and Dorinda Medley escalates.

Spoiler alert: Of course it does. C'mon.

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