Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna: Wedding Date Revealed?!

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With how quickly Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna have sped from one milestone to the next throughout their relationship, you would think they'd be sending out wedding invitations (and posting Instagram pics of said invitations) any day now.

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna Chat With E! On The Red Carpet

But even though Blac and Rob got engaged after just a few months of dating, it looks like they're taking their time when it comes to actually taking the plunge.

Of course, that's not because they paused for a moment and realized they're moving far too quickly.

No, instead it seems the reason for the delayed nuptials is Blac's desire to be in top shape for her televised wedding.

As you may have heard, Blac is pregnant with Rob's baby, and insiders say she wants to wait until she's dropped the post-pregnancy weight before she walks down the aisle.

“Make no mistake, Blac and Rob are going to walk down the aisle," a source tells Hollywood Life.

"She can’t wait. But she wants her to body to be in tip top shape and has decided to wait until after the baby is born."

Blac's not due for several months, and we imagine she's planning to give herself plenty of time to drop the added pounds.

At the same time, she and Rob probably want to do this thing while the media is still interested in their PR stunt of a relationship.

So we're anticipating a late-winter destination wedding.

And we're looking forward to seeing a "right and tight" Blac in white:

“This is going to be Chyna’s first Hollywood wedding, and she wants to look right and tight for it," says the insider.

"She wants her stomach, thighs, chest and butt to be in the best shape they’ve ever been.

"She and Rob have a lot of TV and photo deals riding on their wedding, and they both thought it would be best to wait until the baby’s born so Chyna could look her best.”

That's nice and all, but what we're really looking forward to is the awkwardness of Rob's sisters serving as Blac's bridesmaids.

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