Madison Cox, Teen Beauty Queen, Taunts Critics After Arrest

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Madison Cox is the latest beauty pageant champion to get in trouble with the law.

Madison Cox Mug Shot

Voted Miss South Carolina Teen International in 2015, Cox was arrested this week for forgery according to WPSA.

In a case we haven’t exactly seen before, the 17-year old is accused of coming up with her own doctor’s notes in order to cover absences from school.

On its own, this would not necessarily be illegal.

If Cox had simply used regular stationary, that is.

But she allegedly ganked a notepad from Parris Family Chiropractic to really drive her phony claims home.

The teenager has been charged with counterfeiting/forgery and she didn’t take very kindly to those who called her out for the act on social media.

First, in response to someone trying to comfort Cox by telling her that at least she wasn’t crying in her mug shot, the troubled beauty queen replied:

"Why are u guys so obsessed with my life?"

another cox tweet

She quickly deleted this message.

But then Cox followed it up with another response to some backlash, writing:

"It’s sad that I’m the only entertainment in y’alls lives."

Cox tweet

Whoa there, Madison. You definitely are not.

We can sign on and watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians online for hours right now.

But you got arrested for faking doctor's notes off a real doctor's pad. That's hilarious!

And this is the social media age. We're gonna take a wild guess and say you've commented at times on other people via Twitter as well over the years.

Cox was crowned Miss South Carolina Teen International in 2015 after previously holding the Miss Spartanburg Teen International 2015 sash.

She is currently a student at Byrnes High School.

She joins an illustrious group of beauty pageant winners who have occasionally lost at life. To wit:

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