Kelly Ripa Guest Co-Hosts: Who is Lined Up?

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Possibly the most awkward farewell in television history is just over a week away.

On Friday, May 13, Michael Strahan will appear on Live! as Kelly Ripa's co-host for the final time.

Kelly and Michael: AWKWARD!

As has been previously reported, analyzed and dissected, Strahan will then move over to Good Morning America as a full-time anchor.

It was a move originally scheduled for September... until ABC botched the announcement, angered Kelly Ripa, faced a boycott from its host, created tension among co-workers and was then forced to move Strahan's departure date way up.

So that's how we got here.

As for where we go from here?

It may take all summer for ABC to settle on a permanent co-host for Ripa, but we now know who will be filling Strahan's large shoes on a temporary basis, beginning the week after he leaves.

Here is the current schedule of guest hosts:

May 16: Jimmy Kimmel.

May 17: Jussie Smollett.

May 18: Cedric the Entertainer.

May 19: David Muir.

May 20: Daniel Dae Kim.

We have no idea what sort of chemistry Ripa will have with each, of course, but it can't be any more awkward than what's been going on between her and Strahan of late.

Earlier this week, Ripa brought up Strahan's divorce, much to the clear disdain of her partner:

She and Strahan also won a Daytime Emmy and had to pretend in front of a live studio audience that they were all good with each other:

We'll be sad to see Strahan go, only because we've been treated to a trainwreck on television every morning since Ripa returned and gave a speech about "respect in the workplace."

As for who ought to take his spot in the fall, on a daily basis?

We have some ideas...

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