JoJo Fletcher: I Fell For Multiple Guys on The Bachelorette!

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JoJo Fletcher has only had one real kiss on The Bachelorette so far, but it's only been one week, and she promises plenty more to come.

NOTE: The Bachelorette spoilers will shed light on at least four guys who get to experience that ... and possibly more in some cases.

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Fletcher tells People that she racked up quite the smooch list: "I definitely kissed more guys in a few weeks than I had in my entire life!"

Not that she's proud of it, per se ... it's just the nature of the show.

"You can't really censor yourself," explains the 25-year-old.

"I have such a short amount of time."

As for what she's looking for in a guy, the Dallas-based star says "I want someone honest and genuine and someone who can make me laugh."

"And I like to think I have a pretty good read on people," she says of the selection process, "and that my gut steers me in the right way."

Is that true of Jordan Rodgers, controversy brother of NFL star Aaron Rodgers, and this season's anticipated bad boy Chad Johnson? 

"[Jordan and I] had an immediate connection," Fletcher says. 

"It was like we were boyfriend and girlfriend on night one." 

Of Chad, Fletcher says she was drawn to him in part because he was "mysterious ... I knew I was going to have to keep my eye on him.

Host Chris Harrison apparently needed to do the same ... and put the dude in time-out (seriously, check out the explosive trailer below).

As for who JoJo picks, good luck getting that out of her.

"There were twists and turns and things I wasn't expecting. But I'm stronger. I've grown even more. And I'm happy," the beauty says.

She also says that she is "more confident" now that she's been through this and that "throughout this process I had to rely just on myself."

"I had to be really comfortable in my decision making. And through it all I stayed positive, and optimistic that I would find that true love."

"I fell for more than one guy. And that was surprising! It's very painful. If I only had feelings for one guy, it would have been smooth sailing."

"But each relationship was so important to me," she adds.

"When you get to the end, it can get really confusing."

Indeed it can. We see it every season - or at least what the editors want us to think is genuine conflict and confusion - like clockwork.

Do you think JoJo's on the right track so far? And which of these aspiring trophy husbands do you think would be the best fit for her?

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