Brandi Glanville & Dean Sheremet: Dating?!?!

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File this one under "things that in retrospect, we probably should've seen coming."

Dean Sheremet and Brandi Glanville Tweet a Selfie

You may remember Dean Sheremet as LeAnn Rimes' first husband, whom she cheated on with Eddie Cibrian before cutting him loose.

Obviously, LeAnn and Eddie went on to get married. (The couple celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary just last week.)

Sheremet later re-married as well, but it was announced last week that he and wife Sarah Silver are getting divorced.

Curiously, it was right around that time that Dean started spending a lot of time with none other than Brandi Glanville, aka Cibrian's first wife and noted LeAnn-hater extraordinaire.

First, Dean went on Brandi's podcast, where they discussed the painful realizations that their respective spouses were cheating on them.

Shortly thereafter, it was announced that Brandi and Dean will star on an upcoming cooking show together, where they'll compete against other C- to Z-list celebrities.

We assume the top prize is another month of relevance.

Anyway, that was when we started to suspect something was up between these two.

Being a guest on a podcast is one thing, but teaming up for a reality show right after Dean's divorce?

They know what message they'd be sending, and they were apparently cool with it.

Oh, and then there are these photos of Dean touching Brandi's ass.

Not the kind of thing that co-workers normally do to one another (at least not without one of them going to HR immediately after).

Add to that the fact that Brandi recently said she's banging a "famous" guy (a term that could describe Dean if you're very loose with the definition) and we might have a match made in...well, not heaven, exactly. Post-divorce purgatory?

Whatever the case, they're clearly doing it and that's good enough us.

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