Usher NUDE PHOTO: Posted on Snapchat!!

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Kim Kardashian isn't the only one who can grab attention with her naked body.

Usher has now joined the nude selfie trend by posting a pic of himself to Snapchat, and you can totally see his thing.

And yes, by thing, we mean penis.

Usher begins his little Snapchat journey with a tour through his house.

He takes us through his living room, his bedroom, and then suddenly, he decides it's time for a steam.

The rapper strips down to his birthday suit and enters the steam room, and then...

Usher nude selfie

Oh, wow. 

There's Usher, and Usher, Jr.

"BLOWINOFFSTEAM" he writes as an overlay.

But even in large font size, the emoji he includes to cover his member isn't quite doing the job.

And we ain't mad.

It's no secret that Usher has a brutally hot body, and the singer has set thirst traps on social media in the past.

Last November, he shared this pic of his washboard abs and ample underwear bulge on Instagram.

Usher underwear bulge

And now we've got an idea of what lies beneath the boxer briefs.

We still don't know whatever happened to the Usher sex tape that was allegedly floating around a couple years ago.

But we're guessing this new photo just might resurrect interest in said footage.

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