Usher Sex Tape: Stolen! Back on the Market!

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An alleged Usher sex tape is out there and being shopped around the black market, with the R&B star's legal team on the warpath to find out who has it.

It's stolen property, they say, and rather than making a fortune from hawking Usher's sexy antics to a third party, the video could land the seller in prison.

Tameka Foster and Usher

The Usher sex tape story, or at least its origins, actually began all the way back in 2010, when someone broke into the baby-faced singer's car in Atlanta.

Two laptops, two video cameras and $1 million in jewelry were taken.

Why one leaves such items in your car is unknown, but apparently, a sex tape featuring Usher and then-wife Tameka Foster was on one of the laptops!

Shortly after the theft, the tape was shopped around with no takers.

It's resurfaced in the last few days, however, as someone really wants to get paid for stolen footage of Usher putting it to Tameka Foster 4-5 years ago.

The distributors and sex tape producers such as Vivid are obviously not going to pay for it, as they would require the star's consent, which they won't get.

As such, the sellers are going right to celebrity gossip blogs.

We will not be paying for this or pursuing it whatsoever, as Mark Geragos is representing Usher and there will be legal hell to pay if it ever hits the web.

The question is if anyone out there is actually ballsy (and wealthy) enough to both cough up the cash for this thing and then put it up, given the situation.

We're going to guess not, given the combination of factors.

Not to fear, though. There are plenty of celebrities who are amateur porn stars to choose from if you need to get your fix of tawdry "leaked" sex tapes ...

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