Taylor Swift Ogles, Thanks Calvin Harris at iHeartRadio Music Awards

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Contrary to certain rumors, Taylor Swift is not engaged to Calvin Harris at the moment.

But we have a strong feeling the singer would say yes if asked. Loudly, quickly and at the top of her lungs.

Taylor Swift at 2016 iHeartRadio Music Awards

At the iHeartRadio Music Awards on Sunday night, Swift sat alongside her boyfriend of over 12 months when he was called to the stage to accept the trophy for Dance Artist of the Year.

And it was then that Swift turned from Global Superstar to Smitten Girlfriend, simply staring at her man like a woman truly in love:

Taylor Swift Stares at Calvin Harris

Later on in the evening, meanwhile, Swift won the award for Best Tour, making a point to single out a certain handsome DJ in the crowd during her acceptance speech.

"For the first time I had the most amazing person to come home to when the crowds were all gone and the spotlight went out so I'd like to thank my boyfriend Adam for that," Swift said to conclude her speech.

For the record, Harris' real first name is "Adam."

And also for the record... just how adorable are these two?!?

Swift, meanwhile, also won Female Artist of the Year at this event because of course she did.

And she was introduced by Justin Timberlake, who could not stop gushing over his fellow solo superstar.

After joking that he doesn’t know how it’s even “mathematically possible” for Swift to have won over 250 awards overall to date, JT also quipped that Swift is the favorite to win the pole vault at the Rio Olympics and praised her for being so inclusive.

"Some people are out here to build walls – I ain't naming no names," he said.

"That was a political joke, shut up you can't even joke – I'm kidding. Taylor invites us to knock down walls and be on her #squad."

It's pretty good to be Taylor Swift these days, isn't it?

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