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Lisa Rinna is certainly famous for her full lips, but she’s also known for her perennially well-coiffed and fabulously thick head of hair.

So it’s shocking to see the latest pic she posted to Instagram, in which she’s completely BALD:

Lisa Rinna bald

"Omg this just happened!!!! I feel so free!!!! Thank God I’ve got great wigs and extra wig glue for my QVC appearance tomorrow! #BaldIsBeautiful," the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star wrote in the caption.

Her scalp appears to have a smooth, perfectly symmetrical upside-down egg shape. No lumps and bumps or anything.

But just when we thought she went full Britney Spears on us, the reality star slapped her sculpted thigh and let us in on the joke.

“The new look is, indeed, not real," Rinna revealed in a statement to The Daily Dish.

"Ironically, I have always wanted to shave my head because I truly think it is so beautiful and when the most fabulous hair dresser in the world, Chris McMillan, called me asking me if I really shaved my head, I knew we had done a great April Fool’s joke."

In fact, Rinna caused a few folks in Hollywood to choke on their Medjool date smoothies. 

"My agents also freaked out and had a heart attack," she continued. "It was so much fun pranking everyone!”

Good one, L. Rin.