Lisa Rinna Calls Fans FAT & NASTY in Fired-Up Instagram Rant!

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Watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, we expect a load of vulgar trash talk and immature put-downs from the ladies, because, well, that's the entire premise of the show.

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But when the gutter mouth extends to one of the star's personal Instagram accounts and is directed toward fans, it's a smidge unusual.

Lisa Rinna was fed up with the Insta-trolls and gave them all a piece of her mind in a shocking rant that has since been deleted.

Her insulting comments, captured by All About the Tea, included:

  • "I'm convinced that the haters/trolls are all fat hoarders with 50 cats."
  • "With no teeth, and they couldn't find their vagina if they tried."
  • "Well all you nasty people need to go."
  • "So get the f**k off my page. Now."
  • "Meow."
  • "I'm going for it. I got nothing to lose you sick f**ks."

Dang, Lisa's going HAM.

Once a fan favorite, fans turned their backs on Rinna when she began accusing fellow Housewife Yolanda Foster of faking Lyme disease, an issue on which the former Melrose Place star has flip-flopped.

Actually, most of the Housewives have said they believe Foster is faking or exaggerating her condition. 

However, last week, Rinna called out Lisa Vanderpump for trying to milk Foster's illness to beef up the storylines on the show.

Fans were not pleased by Rinna's behavior, and took her to task on social media.

Clearly, she was not expecting it, evidenced by the unexpected tongue lashing.

Could Rinna's potty mouth get her fired from RHOBH? Or more likely, will it land the star her own spinoff?

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