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Kris Humphries may have played for three NBA teams over the course of the 2015-2016 NBA season.

But the power forward will forever be associated with one team and one team only: Team Kim Kardashian.

Khloe Kardashian Lays Into Kris Humphries

And even though it’s been years since Humphries’ 72-day marriage to Kardashian fizzled out… and even though Kim has moved on quite well by marrying Kanye West and having two kids with the rapper… Khloe Kardashian still felt the need to address Humphries this week.

In hilariously mean fashion.

Asked by Snoop Dogg on his Web series GGN about her bond with Kim, Khloe cited her opinion on Humphries as an example of how tight she is with her sibling.

"There’s [been] a ton of times that I’ve told my sister the truth," Khloe said.

"Like when she wanted to marry Kris Humphries I was like, ‘He’s a f-cking loser! Why are you marrying this f-cking dog.’"

Khloe also tossed in that she thought Humphries was a "f-cking joke," just in case loser and dog were not strong enough nouns.

"I said the truth and in hindsight, I think later, she was like ‘You know you were right,’" Khloe said.

Just a few weeks ago, Caitlyn Jenner also ripped Humphries a new one.

"That takes a bigger person to come back later and say, ‘You know what sister, you were right.’"

With ongoing talk of a Kylie Jenner-Kim feud, Khloe also made it clear that she’s happy to share the spotlight with her sisters.

"We know that there’s enough for all of us to win. We want us all to win. Why would I not want to share this with my family? If anyone could know the joy I’m feeling or the pain I’m feeling, it’s them," she said, concluding:

"They’re on the journey with me. We might be on different levels, but we still know the same essence of it. There’s so many people that go crazy in this Hollywood world because they’re doing it by themselves.

"I’m not surrounded by yes men, who don’t care to say you look like a fool. We don’t believe our own hype."