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Barbara Evans has been skeptical of most of her daughter Jenelle’s boyfriends, and we can’t exactly blame her.

The Teen Mom 2 star has made a number of dubious decisions in her life, and most fans agree that her ex Nathan Griffith was a douchebag for the ages.

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So it was no shock that Barbara wasn’t initially thrilled with Jenelle’s new bae David Eason, who’s been arrested numerous times (just like Jenelle!) and was accused of domestic violence by his ex.

Back in January, Babs and David got into a screaming match at Jenelle’s house that became so heated that the cops showed up to break up the altercation.

But now everything seems to be hunky dory between the two after Barbara apologized to David during a recent dinner outing.

“They discussed it at dinner last night,” the source said. “Barbara apologized to David saying, ‘If I acted out of line, ‘I’m sorry.’ So they both just put it behind them.”

Jenelle, David and Barbara reportedly ate at "a fancy place on the water," where everyone made nice.

"They got along great, and Barbara likes David now," said the source.

Jenelle shared the pic above of their group taking an Uber to dinner, with Babs sitting smack in the middle.

"Ubering with Babs and @uncledave01 #DinnerDate," Jenelle wrote in the caption.

However, an MTV film crew was on hand to film the entire event for Teen Mom 2, leading some fans to believe the reconciliation was staged.

In fact, the house fight between David and Barbara was performed in front of a camera crew as well, so it’s possible this whole reality show storyline is just now coming full circle.