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We wish we had the kind of time Courtney Stodden has on her hands.

Courtney Stodden puckers up

The reality TV personality took some time out from her busy day of posting selfies to, well, post more selfies – but this time, mimicking Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner.

Her first post was a video in which she sports a dark brown wig and applies a copious layer of lip liner before puffing out her lips like a fish.

"Get my new lip kit!" she quips in a high-pitched voice. "I’m Courtney Cardashian with a ‘C’."

It’s a clear jab at Kylie Jenner, who admits to plumping up her pout with fillers and has been hawking her Kylie Lip Kits all year.

The video has since been deleted from Courtney’s account.

In Court’s next post, she keeps the wig on and poses for a nude selfie Kim Kardashian-style, complete with black censor bars over her nipples and crotch.

Courtney Stodden mocks Kim Kardashian

"COURTNEY CARDASHIAN," she wrote in the caption with a laughing emoji. 

Alright, we get it, girl. No need to shout.

The odd thing is, C. Stodd already posted a version of this nude selfie last month, right after Kim posted hers. The only difference is the wig and heavy makeup, so what gives?

We think we might have a clue.

As a D-lister, Courtney knows that going after better-known celebs are her best shot at stealing the spotlight for herself. If she’s lucky, maybe the star will clap back and they’ll have an all-out Twitter war.

Kim and Kylie typically don’t respond to such trivialities, although Kim broke with tradition and dissed some haters after her most recent naked pic garnered criticism from a slew of fellow celebrities and fans.

We have a feeling this won’t escalate, but enjoy this gallery of some of the more epic Twitter wars on record: