Coco & Chanel: Bikini Twinsies!

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Coco Austin isn't a regular mom.  She's a cool mom.

Coco Austin & Chanel: Bikini Twins

So, it comes as no surprise to learn that she bought her infant daughter, Chanel a bikini for the family's trip to Arizona.

"My partner in crime," Austin wrote  "#bikinigirls @babychanelnicole 1st bikini."

Chanel's two piece was more modestly designed than her mother's, which consister of little more than string and small patches of fabric. 

You do you, Coco.

Chanel's mobile skills are remarkable, as she was able to post (yet again) to her own Instagram account, which has over 275,000 followers.

"Imma water baby... #myfirstbikini," she wrote.

Chanel Marrow's First Bikini Pic

Austin and her husband, Ice-T recently appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, who himself has two young daughters.

"She's a little model. I've got the camera in her face at all times," Coco said of Chanel.

"She poses. She, like, moves her eyes and looks at the camera.  She's going to be awesome in five years."

Coco doesn't, however, want her daughter to go into mom's line of work.

"I want [Chanel] to become like a doctor or scientist. I don't want her to be who mom is," Austin wrote on her E! blog.

"I'm going to try and push her away from the modeling. It's going to be hard because I'm probably going to have a camera in her face and she's going to learn how to model but at the same I don't want her to focus on that as a career.

"I want her to do something that I couldn't do."

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