Kardashians: Banned From Party Because of Kris Jenner's Drunken Antics?

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Now that the dust has settled following the 2016 Academy Awards, we're finally getting the low-down on the most interesting portion of the evening - the parties!

Earlier today, we learned that Taylor Swift basically kicked Demi Lovato out the Vanity Fair shindig, and now it seems Ms. Lovato wasn't the only A-lister her found herself all dressed up with no place to go on Hollywood's biggest night.

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Yes, the Kardashian-Jenner clan was reportedly persona non grata at an annual party hosted by Raleigh Studio.

The reason? Well, apparently Kris Jenner's well known love of the bottle once got the better of her at the same event, and years later, the incident is still fresh in the minds of the party's organizers.

“Kris Jenner went years ago and got drunk and no one liked that,” a source close to the situation tells Star magazine.

While it's true that Kris' drinking has reportedly gotten out of hand at times, we think their may be a different motivation behind turning the Kard clan away at the door.

Oscar night is a time for Hollywood's elite to let loose, but it's also the snobbiest time of the year, and we wouldn't be surprised if the hosts just didn't want the movie industries biggest names finding themselves in the position of being forced to take selfies with a bunch of reality stars.

We're guessing Kris went home and immediately signed Kylie up for acting lessons.

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