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Carson Daly recently said that nothing can keep Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton apart, but he was wrong. There is one thing.


Blake Shelton Kisses Gwen Stefani

Last night, Blake Shelton hosted the 2016 Kids’ Choice Awards in Los Angeles, and his girlfriend Gwen Stefani was trying desperately to watch from Japan.

Unfortunately, she seemed to be experiencing technical difficulty trying to stream the show, and issued a plea for help on Twitter, complete with a range of crying and exasperated emojis.

Gwen tweets about KCAs

Luckily, she got an assist from, wouldn’t you know it, her two-year-old son Apollo.

Gwen found a hack to watch her bae by FaceTiming with the tot, who was in the audience near the stage.

A fan tweeted at the "Used to Love You" singer with a photo of Apollo, who she caught in the crowd holding a phone behind Blake. 

Blake Shelton at Kids' Choice Awards
Gwen tweets about KCAs and son Apollo

This just goes to show, if you need help with technology, it’s best to consult a toddler.

Apollo wasn’t the only one of Gwen’s kids supporting their mom’s beau at the KCAs. The pop singer’s seven-year-old son Zuma was there as well, looking adorable as ever.

Gwen tweeted this photo of the lad, looking stylish with a couple of friends.

Gwen Stefani's son Zuma at Kids' Choice Awards 2016

He’s even wearing cowboy boots! Could this be an homage to Blake? What does Zum’s dad Gavin Rossdale think?

Zuma keeps his look fresh with a Diesel denim vest and some hip eyeglass frames, so his mom’s fashion sense clearly rubs off on him.

Wonder what he’ll wear to Blake and Gwen’s $2 million country wedding that’s not really happening.

We’re glad Gwen finally got to watch the show. We’d hate to see the emoji tsunami she’d unleash if she couldn’t.